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Musicians infamously use their power and position in society to speak out in favor of or against political policies. No group may have done this more famously in its day than Chicago. The American rock band was formed in Chicago, Illinois in 1967 and describes itself as a "rock and roll band with horns." After forming with politics on its mind, the group eventually transitioned to a sound that came to signify softer rock during the 1970s and 1980s. Despite a constantly changing lineup and several changes to its sound, Chicago tickets remain a popular purchase by music fans.

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Chicago was formed in 1967 as the Vietnam War became an increasingly thorny issue in American society and politics. The group consisted of six original members. Walter Parazaider, Terry Kath, Danny Seraphine, James Pankow, and Lee Loughnane were all students at DePaul University. Robert Lamm, the group's sixth member, was a student at Roosevelt University. The original members called themselves The Big Thing and primarily performed cover songs of music from other popular bands.


In 1968, the group moved to Los Angeles and renamed itself Chicago Transit Authority. That year the group began working on original music, eventually release its debut double album (a rare choice for a debut) Chicago Transit Authority in 1969. The group's debut album sold more than one million copies, was certified Platinum, and helped launch the popularity of Chicago tickets for concert events across the country. Eventually, the band shortened its name to Chicago after the actual Chicago Transit Authority threatened legal action.


During those early years, Chicago used its lyrics and music to protest the US involvement in Vietnam. The band's second album, Chicago, featured a lengthy song protesting the Vietnam War entitled "It Better End Soon." Later, on the band's first single-disc album (Chicago V), was released featuring a musical debate that depicted a political activist on one side, and a relaxed college student on the other.


After a decade of performing together and recording albums, Chicago began to undergo a transition in its sound. Terry Kath died of a self-inflicted, accidental gunshot wound in January of that year. His death opened the door for new members to join the band, eventually leading the group's sound away from political activism and lyrics, and toward power ballads. The transition was not an easy one. The group suffered a dip in commercial success and Chicago tickets were suddenly easy to purchase as demand dwindled.


Chicago managed to successfully navigate the changing waters of the music industry through the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s. Today, four of the group's original members remain in the lineup. In addition to the loss of Kath after his death in 1978, Danny Seraphine left the group in 1990. More than 40 years after the group was formed, Chicago tickets remained popular in the 21st  century. In 2004 the group toured with Earth, Wind, & Fire, conducted a multi-week residency appearance at the MGM Grand Las Vegas in 2006, and toured with America in 2007.


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