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Lewis Black is a comedian, author, and actor who is well known for his social commentaries and celebrated for his thought-provoking and entertaining live performances. Lewis Black tickets are now on sale and fans will not want to miss this opportunity to catch a great show. Seeing his show is an enriching experience that will last with you long after it's over. If you've loved seeing his act on television, you'll love it even more when you see him live.

Lewis Black Performs on the Road

Black frequently takes to the road with his show; however, he is possibly best known for his Comedy Central series called "Roots of All Evil" which embodied a court room format involving various revolving issues. Black is also known for his appearances on "Jon Stewart's Daily Show" and other Comedy Central features. In addition to his biting social comedy, Black has also appeared on various television shows such as "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "The Big Bang Theory." He has also appeared in the film Accepted and made a guest appearance on The Weather Channel. Many fans have also caught him on HBO comedy shows or other televised comedic venues.

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This performer has been delighting crowds with his unusual brand of social comedy. His influences include comedians like George Carlin, Lily Tomlin, Lenny Bruce, and Richard Pryor. Seeing his live show is a great way to spend the evening with friends or even work colleagues. Get group tickets to bring several friends along for a memorable evening. Get tickets now to see Lewis Black perform in Medford, Oregon; Anaheim, California; Beverly Hills, California; Napa, California, Montclair, New Jersey; Atlantic City, New Jersey; Washington DC; Chicago, Illinois; Rockford, Illinois; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Las Vegas, Nevada. Black is also taking his act abroad where he will be performing in countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Get to Know Lewis Black

Black grew up in Maryland and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He graduated from the Yale School of Drama in 1977. He actually began his career as a playwright. Black began doing comedy as the opening act for his plays. The comedy went over so well that he began to focus more seriously on his performance. In addition to all his live performances, he has also lent his voice to various productions that even include an episode of Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated.

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Be sure to procure seats to see this dynamic performer when he visits a city near you. If you plan to be in town at the same time he will, be sure to get tickets for such shows in Las Vegas or Napa which are sure to be popular with fans. You won't be disappointed having spent an evening with Lewis Black. He will make you laugh and see the world from an entirely new perspective. You'll have a delightful time and will likely want to see him perform again!

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